IT is changing. Most of that change is driven by cloud, automation, DevOps, and containers. BreakFree doesn’t see that change slowing down anytime soon, and an IT forum like GroupSolve can help create community, develop skill sets, discover valuable information on new technology trends and capabilities, and understand new IT technologies and their impacts on the day-to-day workload.

GroupSolve is a workshop where IT engineers, architects, and professionals collaborate around specific topics to develop skill sets and gain a better understanding of modern IT solutions.

GroupSolve FAQ


Who should join GroupSolve, and what is the goal?

GroupSolve is a collaborative workshop for all IT professionals, architects, and engineers who are interested in developing skill sets, discovering valuable insights on new technology and trends, and understanding modern IT technologies and their impact on the day-to-day workload.

Is this a public event? 


What’s the best way to get updates on upcoming GroupSolve workshops?

Join the GroupSolve mailing list by filling out the form on the sidebar of this page. We will only send you emails with periodic updates about our GroupSolve events.

How is GroupSolve different than your usual meetups, user groups, etc.?

GroupSolve is not your typical meetup. The goal is to provide real value to the attendees. Here are the two main differentiators for GroupSolve:

  • BreakFree-supported: One of the primary differentiators between BreakFree and our competitors is our collaborative approach. We use our years of experience and expertise to ensure an inclusive and collaborative environment where positions and feedback can be shared candidly.
  • Vendor-backed NOT vendor-focused – Vendors provide forums with great tools and capabilities. However, they can also overrun and over-influence social forums. GroupSolve will encourage vendors to make available resources to help verify solutions or offer alternatives, but this will be done outside of quarterly workshops.

Where and how often does GroupSolve meet?

GroupSolve meets quarterly in downtown Chicago at TechNexus. Based on topic and interest, we are looking at online workshops as well as physical workshops in other locations in the future.

What can I expect from a GroupSolve event? 

GroupSolve workshops are two hours in duration and are driven by a highly experienced facilitator(s). The workshops generally start with a topic introduction with the majority of the time focused on topic discussion and attendee Q+A.

Can you give me some examples of a possible topic and its supporting technical problems?

A GroupSolve topic example could be something as simple as Containers. Supporting technical questions for a Containers workshop could include:

  • If Docker only works for micro-services, is it not applicable to me?
  • We are a traditional Microsoft .NET shop and containers are a Linux thing, right?
  • Every tool vendor seems to have a play in containers. What do I really need?
  • What about the database—how does that work in containers?

Can I submit a topic or a technical question?

Absolutely. We want members to help shape the GroupSolve community, and that means communicating feedback or possible topics for future workshops. Please feel free to submit topic ideas, technical questions, and any other GroupSolve-related correspondence to

Join the GroupSolve mailing list to receive news and updates on our upcoming workshops!

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