BreakFree Incubate is the answer when there are barriers to the immediate adoption of proven technology solutions. Incubate is designed to give IT organizations a starting point in deploying new technology in an effort to kick-start internal acceptance and value realization. Incubate ensures pioneering happens in a controlled, effective manner.

BreakFree accomplishes Controlled Pioneering through Production Pilots. We deploy solutions to production standards initially at a limited scale. As adoption rates rise, the architecture put in place by Production Pilots scale with minimal modification. This allows our clients to quickly succeed and scale or fail fast.

BreakFree Solutions


The Accelerate framework is the fastest way to deploy next generation solutions that support the shift to New IT. By combining BreakFree’s expertise, reference architectures, Automations, comprehensive plans and facilitated sessions, BreakFree enables clients to deploy production technology solutions in months rather than years.


Migrate is used to move your IT services to a next generation platform. Migrate consists of three phases: Discovery,Strategy, and Plan, in which the vital elements for this process will be developed and include technical procedures and tactics for migration, a precedence diagram, a Migration Action Plan (MAP), and all critical data associated with migration execution.


BreakFree Automate focuses on writing, validating, deploying, and improving Automations. Automate was the major motivation behind the creation of the BreakFree Agile Delivery Framework, which is purpose built to handle the complexities of automation engineering projects.


BreakFree maintains relationships with vetted and approved Managed Service Providers (MSP) that understand the solutions we deploy. BreakFree’s Operate helps our clients select, facilitate negotiations, and onboard these MSPs.


Elevate helps our customers establish a new Target Operating Model for and a Roadmap to an automated, hyper-converged Enterprise Cloud.

BreakFree Solutions