Comprehensive Migration

Migrate is used to move your IT services to a next generation platform. Migrate consists of three phases: Discovery, Strategy, and Plan, in which the vital elements for this process will be developed and include technical procedures and tactics for migration, a precedence diagram, a Migration Action Plan (MAP), and all critical data associated with migration execution.

1. Discovery – The Discovery phase leverages an appliance-based data collection tool to assist in the development of an application dependency map that identifies the relationship between applications, data, and physical infrastructure components.

2. Strategy – BreakFree facilitates a collaborative session that leverages the insight gained from the application dependency map and develops a migration strategy for each workload.

3. Plan – Workload migrations are prioritized during a second facilitated session to develop a comprehensive BreakFree MAP. The MAP details tasks, durations, efforts, resource requirements, and financial impacts required to execute the migration.

BreakFree Solutions

BreakFree Solutions

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