Controlled Pioneering

BreakFree Incubate is the answer when there are barriers to the immediate adoption of proven technology solutions. Incubate is designed to give IT organizations a starting point in deploying new technology in an effort to kick-start internal acceptance and value realization. Incubate ensures pioneering happens in a controlled, effective manner.

BreakFree accomplishes Controlled Pioneering through Production Pilots. We deploy solutions to production standards initially at a limited scale. As adoption rates rise, the architecture put in place by Production Pilots scale with minimal modification. This allows our clients to quickly succeed and scale or fail fast.

1. Validate – Utilizing a collaborative workshop based approach in which BreakFree and client subject matter experts review and validate each use case’s reference architecture, Automations, and pre-built project backlog to align with client specific requirements.

2. Deploy & Verify – A BreakFree delivery team works to implement and verify the validated use cases and the associated project backlog utilizing the BreakFree Agile Delivery Framework.

3. Prime – BreakFree and internal subject matter experts lead workshops, trainings, mentorships and technical demonstrations to drive adoption.

Incubate Use Case Catalog:

  • Configuration Management: Deploy a complete automation platform purpose-built for automated operations of long-lived enterprise technology systems from industry leading technology providers Chef and Puppet.
  • Immutable Infrastructure: Build immutable infrastructure deployment pipelines that can operate public cloud infrastructure from AWS, Azure, and stateless applications on both public or private cloud.
  • Container Infrastructure: Deploy an enterprise-grade container infrastructure to support the latest micro-services, distributed systems, and portable architectures.

BreakFree Solutions

BreakFree Solutions

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